Superman Returns

After eliminating General Zod & the other Kryptonian arch-villains, Ursa & Non, Superman leaves Earth to try to find his former home world of Krypton after astronomers have supposedly found it. When he finds nothing but remnants, he returns home to Earth – to find out that Lois Lane is engaged to a relative of his boss, and that Lex Luthor is at it again – after swindling an elderly, terminally ill woman. The psychopathic Luthor, whose plans to destroy California failed because of Superman’s heroics, vows vengeance against the Man of Steel and contrives a new sinister plot – using the crystals of Krypton to build a continent that will wipe out most of North America! Embedded in the continent’s structure is Kryptonite – the lethal substance that is Superman’s only weakness. Upon learning of Luthro’s sinister scheme, Superman must again race against time to stop the psychopathic Luthor before millions – possibly billions – are killed.

Superman Returns

Title: Superman Returns

Release Date: 2006

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

    Directors: Singer, Bryan


  • Routh, Brandon as Clark Kent/Superman
  • Bosworth, Kate as Lois Lane
  • Spacey, Kevin as Lex Luthor
  • Marsden, James as Richard White
  • Posey, Parker as Kitty Kowalski
  • Langella, Frank as Perry White
  • Huntington, Sam as Jimmy Olsen
  • Saint, Eva Marie as Martha Kent
  • Brando, Marlon as Jor-El
  • Penn, Kal as Stanford
  • Leabu, Tristan Lake as Jason White
  • Fabrizio, David as Brutus
  • Roberts, Ian as Riley
  • Stone, Vincent as Grant
  • Larson, Jack as Bo the Bartender

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