Sugarland Express, The

Lou-Jean, a blonde woman, tells her husband, who is imprisoned, to escape. They plan to kidnap their own child, who was placed with foster parents. The escape is partly successful, they take a hostage, who is a policeman and are pursued through to Texas

Sugarland Express, The

Title: Sugarland Express, The

Release Date: 1974

Genres: Crime, Drama

    Directors: Spielberg, Steven


  • Hawn, Goldie as Lou Jean Poplin
  • Johnson, Ben as Captain Harlin Tanner
  • Sacks, Michael as Patrolman Maxwell Slide
  • Atherton, William as Clovis Michael Poplin
  • Walcott, Gregory as Patrolman Ernie Mashburn
  • Kanaly, Steve as Patrolman Jessup
  • Latham, Louise as Mrs. Looby
  • Zanuck, Harrison as Baby Langston Poplin
  • Camp, A.L. as Mr. Alvin T. Nocker
  • Fulton, Jessie Lee as Mrs. Nocker
  • Smith, Dean as Russ Berry
  • Grossman, Ted as Dietz
  • Thurman, Bill as Hunter
  • Hudgins, Kenneth as Standby
  • Danials, Buster as Drunk

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