Based on the first of the best-selling series of Alex Rider novels by Anthony Horowitz, STORMBREAKER introduces the reluctant teenage super-spy to cinema audiences. After the death of his uncle, the 14-year-old hero is forced by the Special OperationsDivision of Britain’s secret intelligence service, MI6, for a mission which will save millions of lives.


Title: Stormbreaker

Release Date: 2006

Genres: Action, Adventure, Family

    Directors: Sax, Geoffrey


  • Bolger, Sarah as Sabina Pleasure
  • Coltrane, Robbie as Prime Minister
  • Fry, Stephen as Smithers
  • Lewis, Damian as Yassen Gregorovich
  • McGregor, Ewan as Ian Rider
  • Nighy, Bill as Alan Blunt
  • Okonedo, Sophie as Mrs. Jones
  • Pettyfer, Alex as Alex Rider
  • Pyle, Missi as Nadia Vole
  • Rourke, Mickey as Darrius Sayle
  • Serkis, Andy as Mr. Grin
  • Silverstone, Alicia as Jack Starbright
  • Walters, Ashley as Wolf
  • Barrett, Alex as Gary
  • Huw, Richard as Teacher

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