Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

A tough detective’s mother comes to visit him, and promptly starts trying to fix up his life, much to his embarrassment. For his birthday she buys him a machine gun out of the back of a van, and begins to further interfere with his job and love life, eventually helping him with a case he’s on.

Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

Title: Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

Release Date: 1992

Genres: Action, Comedy

    Directors: Spottiswoode, Roger


  • Stallone, Sylvester as Sgt. Joe Bomowski
  • Getty, Estelle as Tutti Bomowski
  • Williams, JoBeth as Lt. Gwen Harper
  • Rees, Roger as Parnell
  • Ferrero, Martin as Paulie
  • Sartain, Gailard as Munroe
  • Shipp, John Wesley as Tony
  • Fann, Al as Lou
  • Joyce, Ella as McCabe
  • Campbell, J. Kenneth as Det. Ross
  • Sadler, Nicholas as Suicide
  • Burkley, Dennis as Mitchell
  • Rhames, Ving as Mr. Stereo
  • Arnold, Jana as Mitchell”s Girl
  • Latta, Chris as Gang Member

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