Squid and the Whale, The

The patriarch (Jeff Daniels) of an eccentric Brooklyn family claims to once have been a great novelist, but he has settled into a teaching job. When his wife (Laura Linney) discovers a writing talent of her own, jealousy divides the family, leaving two teenage sons to forge new relationships with their parents. Linney’s character begins dating her younger son’s tennis coach. Meanwhile, Daniels’ character has an affair with the student his older son is pursuing.

Squid and the Whale, The

Title: Squid and the Whale, The

Release Date: 2005

Genres: Comedy, Drama

    Directors: Baumbach, Noah


  • Kline, Owen as Frank Berkman
  • Daniels, Jeff as Bernard Berkman
  • Linney, Laura as Joan Berkman
  • Eisenberg, Jesse as Walt Berkman
  • Baldwin, William as Ivan
  • Benger, David as Carl
  • Paquin, Anna as Lili
  • Barton, Molly as Graduate Student
  • Berkman, Bo as Graduate Student
  • Kaplan, Matthew as Graduate Student
  • Kaplan, Simon as Graduate Student
  • Kirsch, Matthew as Graduate Student
  • Markowicz, Daniella as Graduate Student
  • Meriwether, Elizabeth as Graduate Student
  • Schrank, Ben as Graduate Student

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