Spies Like Us

Two totally incompetent applicants, Emmett Fitzhume and Austin Millbarge, are chosen from a CIA recruitment program. They are parachuted into Pakistan and eventually end up in Afghanistan, chased by the Russians, where they learn they are being used as decoys to draw out the Sovet defenses. Two real spies are sent in. Their mission is to Hijack a soviet Missile launcher, launch the Soviet missile and test the new US orbital defence laser. The missile is fired and while heading for an American City, the laser system misses it’s target. The contingency plan for this scenario, as set out by the Pentagon Nuts who planned it from deep within a secret underground bunker, is to let the 3rd World War happen anyway.

Spies Like Us

Title: Spies Like Us

Release Date: 1985

Genres: Comedy

    Directors: Landis, John


  • Bob Hope
  • Chase, Chevy as Emmett Fitz-Hume
  • Aykroyd, Dan as Austin Millbarge
  • Forrest, Steve as General Sline
  • Dixon, Donna as Karen Boyer
  • Davison, Bruce as Ruby
  • Casey, Bernie as Colonel Rhumbus
  • Prince, William as Keyes
  • Hatten, Tom as General Miegs
  • Oz, Frank as Test Monitor
  • McKeown, Charles as Jerry Hadley
  • Daughton, James as Bob Hodges
  • Staahl, Jim as Bud Schnelker
  • Angel, Vanessa as Russian Rocket Crew
  • Plotnikova, Svetlana as Russian Rocket Crew
  • Thomsen, Bjarne as Russian Rocket Crew

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