Soul Assassin

The future seems bright for Kevin Burke (Ulrich), a security expert for the large multi-national company Jorgensen Financial. He’s just been promoted and is about to propose marriage to his girlfriend Rosalind (Catherine Orr). But that all changes when Rosalind is murdered before his eyes by a professional hitman. While tracking down her killers Kevin finds himself chased by mob hit-woman Tessa (Kristy Swanson), his co-workers Junior (Antonie Kamerling) and Mr Ficks (Serge Henri Valcke) and the police (Thom Hoffman). Burke’s mentor and employer Karl Jorgensen (Derek de Lint), enigmatic though supportive, seems to hold the key to the mystery.

Soul Assassin

Title: Soul Assassin

Release Date: 2001

Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller

    Directors: Malkin, Laurence


  • Ulrich, Skeet as Kevin Burke
  • Swanson, Kristy as Tessa Jansen
  • Lint, Derek de as Karl Jorgensen
  • Owen, Rena as Karina
  • Kamerling, Antonie as Junior
  • Valcke, Serge-Henri as Mr. Ficks
  • Irons, Nicholas as Gary
  • Hoffman, Thom as Willem
  • Lang, Katherine as Rosalind Bremmond
  • Arend van de Noord, AndrĂ© as Thorsten
  • Wageningen, Yorick van as Local Inspector
  • Postma, Jaap as Antonio
  • van Eijck, Delilah as Thai Prostitute
  • Willems, Jeroen as Hector
  • Hendrickx, Monic as Mother

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