Son of the Mask

A cartoonist named Tim Avery loves his dog, Otis, more than anything in the world. But when Tim and his wife have a baby, Otis starts to feel left out. But then Otis finds an enchanted mask and plots to be rid of the baby once and for all, but is unsuccessful. Meanwhile, up in Valhalla, Odin is infuriated at Loki for losing the mask and orders him to go get it…

Son of the Mask

Title: Son of the Mask

Release Date: 2005

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy

    Directors: Guterman, Lawrence


  • Kennedy, Jamie as Tim Avery
  • Cumming, Alan as Loki
  • Falconer, Liam as Alvey
  • Falconer, Ryan as Alvey
  • Traylor Howard as Tonya Avery
  • Wright, Steven as Daniel Moss
  • Penn, Kal as Jorge
  • Stein, Ben as Dr. Neuman
  • Pickup, Brett as Museum Boy
  • Callan, Peter as Museum Redneck
  • Lyons, Ashley as Museum Security Guard
  • McDaniel, Wayne as Museum Person
  • Winton, Sandy as Chris
  • Massey, Rebecca as Clare
  • Longmuir, Issac as Chris & Clare”s Child

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