Smokin’ Aces

An FBI agent (Reynolds) hunts for a Las Vegas stand up comedian (Piven) who has decided to squeal on the mob but, before he heads off for protective custody, decides to go to the casinos at Lake Tahoe for one last good time, drawing a crowd of assassins (including Affleck and Keys).

Smokin' Aces

Title: Smokin’ Aces

Release Date: 2007

Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller

    Directors: Carnahan, Joe


  • Affleck, Ben as Jack Dupree
  • Cumer, Zach as Warren
  • Bateman, Jason as Rip Reed
  • Common as Sir Ivy
  • Ruskin, Joseph as Primo Sparazza
  • Garcia, Andy as Stanley Locke
  • Rocco, Alex as Serna
  • Newton, Wayne as Himself
  • Keys, Alicia as Georgia Sykes
  • Liotta, Ray as Donald Carruthers
  • Piven, Jeremy as Buddy ”Aces” Israel
  • Berg, Peter as “Pistol” Pete Deeks
  • Reynolds, Ryan as Richard Messner
  • Henderson, Martin as Hollis Elmore
  • Holley, Christopher Michael as Bernard “Beanie” Alfonso

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