Sleeper, The

In the 1990’s, the CIA develops a small group of spies, referred to by the CIA as Sleepers, gifted with the ability to connect with other people in their dreams. This clandestine espionage group was used by the CIA to gather intelligence that would be otherwise impossible to obtain. The Sleeper Agents could enter the minds of world leaders in what is called the Dreamlink. The existence of this experimental program is known only to an elite few and was used only for espionage, until now. Someone within the NSA has learned of the Sleeper Program and has trained its own Sleeper Agent to be the ultimate untraceable assassin. No politician, scientist or business leader is safe.

Sleeper, The

Title: Sleeper, The

Release Date: 2005

Genres: Sci-Fi, Thriller

    Directors: Maxwell, Drew


  • McAfee, Lucian as Kyle Manning
  • Smith, Cotter as Dr. Altman
  • Metcalf, Mark as Richmond
  • Watson, Shannon as Owen Bishop
  • DePinto, Nicola as Allison Williams

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