Sicilian, The

Giuliano robs from the rich conservative landowners to give to the poor, serf-like peasants, who in turn hail him as their savior. As his popularity grows, so does his ego, and he eventually thinks he is above the power of his backer, Mafia Don Masino Croce. The Don, in turn, sets out to kill the upstart by convincing his cousin and closest advisor Pissciota to assassinate him

Sicilian, The

Title: Sicilian, The

Release Date: 1987

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama

    Directors: Cimino, Michael


  • Lambert, Christopher as Salvatore Giuliano
  • Stamp, Terence as Prince Borsa
  • Ackland, Joss as Don Masino Croce
  • Turturro, John as Pisciotta
  • Bauer, Richard as Hector Adonis
  • Sukowa, Barbara as Camilla, Duchess of Crotone
  • Boschi, Giulia as Giovanna Ferra
  • McAnally, Ray as Trezza
  • Miller, Barry as Dr. Nattore
  • Katsulas, Andreas as Passatempa
  • Wincott, Michael as Cpl. Silvestro Canio
  • Branche, Derrick as Terranova
  • Venture, Richard as Cardinal of Palermo
  • Bieri, Ramon as Quintana
  • Molnar, Stanko as Silvio Ferra

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