Showdown in Little Tokyo

In the area of Little Tokyo, Funekei Yoshida is the Yakuza boss, The policemen Chris Kenner and Johnny Murata try to stop him, both of them are experts in martial arts, language and japanese habit.

Showdown in Little Tokyo

Title: Showdown in Little Tokyo

Release Date: 1991

Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama

    Directors: Lester, Mark L.


  • Lundgren, Dolph as Sgt. Kenner
  • Lee, Brandon as Johnny Murata
  • Tagawa, Cary-Hiroyuki as Yoshida
  • Carrere, Tia as Minako
  • Obata, ToshirĂ´ as Sato
  • Tan, Philip as Tanaka
  • Kageyama, Rodney as Eddie
  • Lively, Ernie as Detective Nelson
  • Griffin, Renee as Angel
  • Asato, Reid as Muto
  • Fischer, Takayo as Mama Yamaguchi
  • Rhee, Simon as Ito
  • Watson-Johnson, Vernee as Nonnie Russell – Coroner
  • Imamura, Lenny as Kickboxer #1
  • Yuan, Roger as Kickboxer #2

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