Shipping News, The

An inksetter in New York, Quoyle returns to his family’s longtime home, a small fishing town in Newfoundland, with his young daughter, after a traumatizing experience with her mother, Petal, who sold her to an illegal adoption agency. Though Quoyle has had little success thus far in life, his shipping news column in the newspaper “The Gammy Bird” finds an audience, and his experiences in the town change his life. Then he meets the widow Wavey

Shipping News, The

Title: Shipping News, The

Release Date: 2001

Genres: Drama, Romance

    Directors: Hallström, Lasse


  • Spacey, Kevin as Quoyle
  • Moore, Julianne as Wavey Prowse
  • Dench, Judi as Agnis Hamm
  • Blanchett, Cate as Petal
  • Postlethwaite, Pete as Tert Card
  • Glenn, Scott as Jack Buggit
  • Ifans, Rhys as Beaufield Nutbeem
  • Pinsent, Gordon as Billy Pretty
  • Behr, Jason as Dennis Buggit
  • Pine, Larry as Bayonet Melville
  • Arnette, Jeanetta as Silver Melville
  • Joy, Robert as EMS Officer
  • Gainer, Alyssa as Bunny Quoyle
  • Gainer, Lauren as Bunny Quoyle

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