Darryl Witherspoon is a young black college student who wants to win annual junior analyst competition, which can land him a job in a big brokerage company. He becomes a guinea pig for the drug developed at the college which is promised to heighten all senses by ten times.


Title: Senseless

Release Date: 1998

Genres: Comedy, Romance

    Directors: Spheeris, Penelope


  • Wayans, Marlon as Darryl Witherspoon
  • Spade, David as Scott Thorpe
  • Lillard, Matthew as Tim LaFlour
  • Torn, Rip as Randall Tyson
  • Taylor, Tamara as Janice
  • Dourif, Brad as Dr. Wheedon
  • McGonagle, Richard as Robert Bellweather
  • Scott, Esther as Denise Whiterspoon
  • Rupp, Debra Jo as Fertility Clinic Attendant
  • Lawrence, Mark Christopher as Wig Shop Owner
  • Ingle, John as Economics Professor
  • Lively, Ernie as Coach Brandau
  • Goldstein, Jenette as Nurse Alvarez
  • Moore, Kenya as Lorraine
  • Zimmer, Constance as Zestfully Clean Woman

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