When Castro opened the port at Mariel Harbor, thousands of Cubans fled to the United States. One is a young tough named Antonio (Tony) Montana, who, with his friend Manny Ray, starts in with Miami’s cocaine trade. He survives attack by chainsaw after a deal goes bad, and several other attempts by other dealers to eliminate him. Eventually the grandiose Montana becomes head of a cocaine cartel. But his enemies start coming after him, and his paranoia threatens to drive Montana’s empire into the ground…


Title: Scarface

Release Date: 1983

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

    Directors: De Palma, Brian


  • Pacino, Al as Tony Montana
  • Bauer, Steven as Manny Ribera
  • Pfeiffer, Michelle as Elvira
  • Mastrantonio, Mary Elizabeth as Gina
  • Loggia, Robert as Frank Lopez
  • Colon, Miriam as Mama Montana
  • Abraham, F. Murray as Omar Suarez
  • Shenar, Paul as Alejandro Sosa
  • Yulin, Harris as Mel Bernstein
  • Salazar, Ángel as Chi Chi
  • Santana, Arnaldo as Ernie
  • Serna, Pepe as Angel
  • Moran, Michael P. as Nick The Pig
  • Israel, Al as Hector The Toad
  • Holahan, Dennis as Banker

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