Scanner Darkly, A

The L.A. of a not-too-distant future suffers a surge of drug abuse involving a new ultra-addictive and eventually brain-damaging substance simply named “D”. Bob Arctor is an undercover narc leading a double life, dutifully reporting to his superiors while effectively having abandoned whatever normal existence he had for a “D” user/dealer career. But this schizophrenic situation and the drug-induced memory and concentration lapses put Bob under mounting stress.

Scanner Darkly, A

Title: Scanner Darkly, A

Release Date: 2006

Genres: Animation, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller

    Directors: Linklater, Richard


  • Cochrane, Rory as Charles Freck
  • Downey Jr., Robert as James Barris
  • Baker, Mitch as Brown Bear Lodge Host
  • Reeves, Keanu as Bob Arctor
  • Allen, Sean as Additional Fred Scramble Suit Voice
  • Haby, Cliff as Voice from Headquarters
  • Prince, Steven Chester as Cop
  • Ryder, Winona as Donna Hawthorne
  • Valdez, Natasha as Waitress
  • Turner, Mark as Additional Hank Scramble Suit Voice
  • Harrelson, Woody as Ernie Luckman
  • Ferguson, Chamblee as Medical Deputy #2
  • Rawna, Angela as Medical Deputy #1
  • Stevens, Eliza as Arctor”s Daughter #1
  • Menchaca, Sarah as Arctor”s Daughter #2

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