Run for the Money

Fresh out of prison, Thomas Taylor (Christian Slater) assembles a team of outlaws to pull off his most brilliant heist yet. Alas, the stolen money is marked, enabling FBI agent Mark Cornell (Val Kilmer) to swiftly track down Taylor & Co. But the corrupt agent is not interested in making an arrest: Using his knowledge of Taylor’s guilt as leverage, the wily agent coerces the crooks into engineering an even bigger robbery, this time targeting a high-profile riverboat casino.

Run for the Money

Title: Run for the Money

Release Date: 2002

Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller

    Directors: Antonijevic, Predrag


  • Slater, Christian as Taylor
  • Kilmer, Val as FBI Agent Mark C. Cornell
  • Downing, Sara as Paige
  • Laresca, Vincent as Nikita
  • Getty, Balthazar as Eddie
  • Woodbine, Bokeem as Rock
  • Hannah, Daryl as Virginia
  • Rowland, Rodney as Butch
  • Coleman, Holliston as Megan
  • Woodward, Peter as FBI Agent Jarvis
  • Rosas, Michael Anthony as José
  • Forsythe, William as Bo Young
  • Troyer, Verne as Attila
  • Milicevic, Milos as Attila”s Guard
  • Jason, Peter as The Counter Boss

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