Road Trip

A group of raucous, college buds living the Frat life decide to have a blowout with a Road Trip of insane proportions. Dad’s car, hard partying, nubile and Nubian Princesses, a boa constrictor and Tom Green make for a great trip down comedy lane.

Road Trip

Title: Road Trip

Release Date: 2000

Genres: Adventure, Comedy

    Directors: Phillips, Todd


  • Cauffiel, Jessica
  • Albertini Dow, Ellen
  • Meyer, Breckin as Josh Parker
  • Scott, Seann William as E.L.
  • Smart, Amy as Beth Wagner
  • Costanzo, Paulo as Rubin Carver
  • Qualls, DJ as Kyle Edwards
  • Green, Tom as Barry Manilow
  • Blanchard, Rachel as Tiffany Henderson
  • Rapp, Anthony as Jacob
  • Ward, Fred as Earl Edwards
  • Dick, Andy as Motel Clerk
  • Suplee, Ethan as Ed
  • Sanz, Horatio as French Toast Guy
  • Griffis, Rhoda as Tour Group Mom
  • Sucharetza, Marla as Sperm Bank Nurse
  • Lyndeck, Edmund as Jack Manilow, Barry”s Grandpa

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