Return to House on Haunted Hill

It started when five people agreed to spend one night in a haunted house . . . What began as an evening of fun a harmless scares in exchange for one million dollars to anyone who stayed the night—and survived—soon turned into a night of terror. Years later, several more people risk their lives in search of a cursed statue of Baphomet, a relic worth millions that will come at the cost of their souls. Now, the terror begins when the doomed Return to House on Haunted Hill

Return to House on Haunted Hill

Title: Return to House on Haunted Hill

Release Date: 2007

Genres: Horror, Thriller

    Directors: García, Víctor


  • Combs, Jeffrey as Dr. Richard Benjamin Vannacutt
  • Kolirin, Gil as Norris Boz
  • Pacey, Steven as Richard
  • Palladino, Erik as Desmond
  • Pleavin, Andrew as Samuel
  • Potts, Andrew Lee as Kyle
  • Riley, Tom as Paul
  • Venice, Chucky as Juan
  • Zlatarev, George as Malcolm
  • Gonzàlez, Laia as Nurse
  • Rainford, Clyta as Harue
  • Righetti, Amanda as Ariel Wolfe
  • Vincent, Cerina as Michelle

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