Replacement Killers, The

John Lee is a hitman who works for Chinese crime lord, Terence Wei. It seems that Joh is obligated to Mr. Wei and so far has done everything he was told to do. Now Mr. Wei wants John to get revenge on a police detective who killed his son. John was about to carry out the job but for some reason can’t do it. When Mr. Wei hears of this, he sends for some replacements. John now has to return to China to help his mother and sister whom Mr. Wei will now target because of his disobedience, but first he needs a passport. He needs find someone who can give him a passport who is not beholden to Mr. Wei. He is told of Meg Coburn, a small time documents forger. John goes to see her and was in the process of making his passport when some Wei’s people come in shooting. While John gets away, Meg is caught by the police but is released by the cop whom Mr. Wei has a beef with. John goes to her and still needing a passport, forces to go with him. Mr. Wei’s people finds them and was about to take care of them but John managed to escape. So now the two of them are not only hunted by Mr. Wei but also the police.

Replacement Killers, The

Title: Replacement Killers, The

Release Date: 1998

Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller

    Directors: Fuqua, Antoine


  • Chow, Yun-Fat as John Lee
  • Sorvino, Mira as Meg Coburn
  • Rooker, Michael as Stan ”Zeedo” Zedkov
  • Tsang, Kenneth as Terence Wei
  • Prochnow, Jürgen as Michael Kogan
  • Schweiger, Til as Ryker
  • Trejo, Danny as Collins
  • Collins Jr., Clifton as Loco
  • Gómez, Carlos as Hunt
  • Medrano, Frank as Rawlins
  • Lee, Leo as Lam
  • Kilpatrick, Patrick as Pryce
  • Kim, Randall Duk as Alan Chan
  • Marton, Andrew J. as Stevie
  • Coberly, Sydney as Sara

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