Rated X

Based on the true story of Jim and Artie Mitchell, two brothers who entered the porn industry in the early 60’s. After creating such legendary porn films as “Behind the Green Door” and “Inside Marily Chambers”, they later became addicted to drugs and began a downward spiral leading to bankruptcy and murder.

Rated X

Title: Rated X

Release Date: 2000

Genres: Drama

    Directors: Estevez, Emilio


  • Sheen, Charlie as Artie Mitchell
  • Estevez, Emilio as Jim Mitchell
  • Blake, Geoffrey as Michael Kennedy
  • Weigel, Rafer as Lionel
  • Hutson, Tracy as Marilyn Chambers
  • Ward, Megan as Meredith
  • O”Quinn, Terry as J.R. Mitchell
  • Brett, Danielle as Adrienne
  • de Boer, Nicole as Karen Mitchell
  • Grover, Deborah as Georgia Mae
  • McFadyen, Dylan as Young Jim
  • Estevez, Taylor as Teenage Jim
  • Cabral, Eric as Young Artie
  • Clark, Robert as Teenage Artie
  • Jafelice, Loretta as First Grade Teacher

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