Raise Your Voice

Hilary Duff stars in Raise Your Voice as a young woman from a small town who spends the summer in a performing arts school in Los Angeles. She encounters big city circumstances and romance that challenge her small town upbringing. Sean McNamara directs.

Raise Your Voice

Title: Raise Your Voice

Release Date: 2004

Genres: Drama, Music, Romance

    Directors: McNamara, Sean


  • Duff, Hilary as Terri Fletcher
  • James, Oliver as Jay Corgan
  • Keith, David as Simon Fletcher
  • Davis, Dana as Denise Gilmore
  • Lewis, Johnny as Engelbert ”Kiwi” Wilson
  • Wilson, Rita as Francis Fletcher
  • Mayhew, Lauren C. as Robin Childers
  • Dennings, Kat as Sloane
  • Ritter, Jason as Paul Fletcher
  • De Mornay, Rebecca as Aunt Nina
  • Corbett, John as Mr. Torvald
  • Reeves, Carly as Kelly
  • Avery, James as Mr. Gantry
  • Trebor, Robert as Mr. Wesson
  • Palmer, Steven T. as Street Drummer

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