Raging Sharks

Ever since JAWS enchanted and frightened cinemagoers in the 1970s, the shark movie has become a welcome addition to the horror film genre. RAGING SHARKS continues the tradition, once again tapping into mankind’s innate fear of these creatures who lurk in the ocean. This time out, the Bermuda Triangle is the location for some Great White action, as a strange object plops into the water from outer space

. Unfortunately this drives our amphibious friends into a frenzy, with carnage ensuing, and a chance for the rugged Corbin Bernsen to come to the rescue.

Raging Sharks

Title: Raging Sharks

Release Date: 2005

Genres: Sci-Fi

    Directors: Lerner, Danny


  • Nemec, Corin as Dr. Mike Olsen
  • Angel, Vanessa as Linda Olsen
  • Bernsen, Corbin as Capt. Riley
  • Jensen, Todd as Ben Stiles
  • Muller, Elise as Vera
  • Simone Levin as Simona
  • van Bilderbeek, Binky as Harvey
  • Flannigan, Michael P. as Paradiso Captain
  • Talkington, Jonas as Jonas

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