Point of Origin

Based on a true story, this twisting psychological thriller focuses on a serial arsonist whose terrifying six-year crime spree is juxtaposed with the increasingly desperate efforts of investigators to bring him to justice. Charged with investigating many of these fires is Captain John Orr (Ray Liotta), a legendary figure in the Glendale Fire Department, possessed with an uncanny ability to pinpoint the origins of a fire, as well as the devices by which an arsonist may have carried out the crime. Through a fingerprint left at the scene of one crime and a series of surprise revelations focusing on arsons set in several towns, the task force is able to close in on an unlikely suspect. . . and ultimately crack the case.

Point of Origin

Title: Point of Origin

Release Date: 2002

Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller

    Directors: Sigel, Newton Thomas


  • Liotta, Ray as John Orr/Aaron
  • Leguizamo, John as Keith Lang
  • Feore, Colm as Mike Matassa
  • Curtis, Cliff as Mike Camello
  • Bai, Ling as Wanda Orr
  • Douglas, Illeana as Kate
  • Cox, Ronny as Chief Gray
  • Gill, Trent as Marty
  • Rubio, Ingrid as Ambria
  • Adams, Ryan B. as ATF Agent Ryan
  • Beckel, Graham as Clarence Hyde
  • Camello, Mike as Glen Lucero
  • Colligan, Joe as Lawyer
  • Hall, Shashawnee as Lt. Tom Hines
  • Manesh, Marshall as Store Manager

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