Opportunists, The

Vic is a struggling auto mechanic with a safe-cracking past and a lot of debt. His girlfriend runs a bar and offers to loan him the money she’s saved for remodeling, but Vic is reluctant to take it. When a long-lost cousin from Ireland shows up on his doorstep, the two team up for one last heist.

Opportunists, The

Title: Opportunists, The

Release Date: 2000

Genres: Comedy, Crime, Drama

    Directors: Connell, Myles


  • Walken, Christopher as Victor ”Vic” Kelly
  • MacDonald, Peter as Michael ”Mikey” Lawler, aka Michael Kelly
  • Pitoniak, Anne as Aunt Diedre ”Dee”
  • Burton, Kate as Rest Home Sister
  • Mayzik, Jim as Rest Home Priest
  • Farmiga, Vera as Miriam Kelly
  • Logue, Donal as Pat Duffy
  • Lauper, Cyndi as Sally Mahon
  • D”Amato, Paul as Dylan
  • Dunn, Wally as Harry
  • Krupa, Olek as Ted Walikaki
  • Cooper, Chuck as Arnon Morris
  • Ortiz, John as Ismail Espinoza
  • Zúñiga, José as Jesus Del Toro
  • Vega, Brandon as Tony Del Toro

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