On Deadly Ground

Posing as an environmental story about a corrupt oil company owner called Jennings, who will stop at nothing to open a new refinery in Alaska, this is just an excuse for another action film. Fists, feet, bullets and bombs galore as Forest Taft, a disgruntled employee, is chosen by an Eskimo chief as the saviour of his people. Forest’s mission is to prevent the new refinery going on-line before the land rights are returned to the Eskimos. The “God-damn” ludicrous dialogue is supposed to be “God-damn” serious, but you just try not “God-damn” laughing at it.

On Deadly Ground

Title: On Deadly Ground

Release Date: 1994

Genres: Action, Adventure, Thriller

    Directors: Seagal, Steven


  • Caine, Michael as Michael Jennings
  • Chen, Joan as Masu
  • McGinley, John C. as MacGruder
  • Ermey, R. Lee as Stone
  • Shattuck, Shari as Liles
  • Thornton, Billy Bob as Homer Carlton
  • Hamilton, Richard as Hugh Palmer
  • Brink, Chief Irvin as Silook
  • Kairaiuak, Apanguluk Charlie as Tunrak
  • Pistolhead, Elsie as Takanapsaluk
  • Trudell, John as Johnny Redfeather
  • Starr, Mike as Big Mike
  • Thorsen, Sven-Ole as Otto
  • Desjarlais, Jules as Drunken Eskimo

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