Number 23, The

On his birthday, Walter Sparrow, an amiable dog-catcher, takes a call that leaves him dog bit and late to pick up his wife. She’s browsed in a bookstore, finding a blood-red-covered novel, a murder mystery with numerology that loops constantly around the number 23. The story captivates Walter: he dreams it, he notices aspects of his life that can be rendered by “23,” he searches for the author, he stays in the hotel (in room 23) where events in the novel took place, and he begins to believe it was no novel. His wife and son try to help him, sometimes in sympathy, sometimes to protect him. Slowly, with danger to himself and to his family, he closes in on the truth.

Number 23, The

Title: Number 23, The

Release Date: 2007

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Thriller

    Directors: Schumacher, Joel


  • Carrey, Jim as Walter Sparrow/Fingerling
  • Madsen, Virginia as Agatha Sparrow/Fabrizia
  • Lerman, Logan as Robin Sparrow
  • Huston, Danny as Isaac French/Dr. Miles Phoenix
  • Lynn Collins as Suicide Blonde/Mrs. Dobkins/Young FingerlingÂ’s Mother
  • Mitra, Rhona as Laura Tollins
  • Arthur, Michelle as Sybil
  • Pellegrino, Mark as Kyle Finch
  • Butcher, Paul as Young Fingerling/Young Walter
  • Stifel, David as Hotel Clerk
  • Stoll, Corey as Sergeant Burns
  • Lauter, Ed as Father Sebastian
  • Kotsur, Troy as Barnaby
  • Soo Hoo, Walter as Chinese Restaurant Owner
  • Belcher, Patricia as Dr. Alice Mortimer

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