In a near-empty Northfork orphanage, Father Harlan gently tends to Irwin, a eight-year-old who lies between a dreamstate and death. As orphanage caretaker Harlan reads aloud about Northfork’s years-ago forced evacuation to make way for a hydro-electric dam, Irwin’s imagination takes flight. While a team of six men evacuate the last remaining citizens of the town, Irwin, too, invents a cast of characters to prepare himself for his own evacuation.


Title: Northfork

Release Date: 2003

Genres: Drama, Fantasy

    Directors: Polish, Michael


  • Woods, James as Walter O”Brien
  • Nolte, Nick as Father Harlan
  • Sebern, Douglas as Mayor
  • Forlani, Claire as Mrs. Hadfield
  • Farnes, Duel as Irwin
  • Hannah, Daryl as Flower Hercules
  • Beckel, Graham as Marvin
  • Barker, Josh as Matt
  • Coyote, Peter as Eddie
  • Gries, Jon as Arnold
  • Overton, Rick as Rudolph
  • Sachs, Robin as Cup of Tea
  • Foster, Ben as Cod
  • Edwards, Anthony as Happy

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