Night and the City

Harry Fabian is a fast-talking ambulance chaser. He sues and settles, looking to make it big as he carries on an affair with the wife of the owner of his Manhattan cafe hang out. While losing a case to a local mobster who fronts as a sports promoter, Fabian whiffs his future at a boxing gym – he decides to be an impresario. For protection from the mobster, he recruits the boss’s older brother as his judge of talent, he books a hall, he orders posters. Soon he’s in debt waiting for the big night to rake in the cash. His sweetheart wants to leave her husband, so she needs Fabian’s help to get a liquor license. The mobster is making trouble. Can Fabian pull it all off?

Night and the City

Title: Night and the City

Release Date: 1992

Genres: Drama

    Directors: Winkler, Irwin


  • De Niro, Robert as Harry Fabian
  • Lange, Jessica as Helen Nasseros
  • Gorman, Cliff as Phil Nasseros
  • King, Alan as Ira ”Boom Boom” Grossman
  • Warden, Jack as Al Grossman
  • Wallach, Eli as Peck
  • Primus, Barry as Tommy Tessler
  • Kirkwood, Gene as Resnick
  • Spalla, Ignazio as Cuda Sanchez
  • Butler, David W. as John Bonney
  • Murphy, Gerard as Steel Jaw #1
  • Caserta, Clem as Steel Jaw #2
  • Canarozzi, Anthony as Emmett Gorgon
  • Utley, Byron as Frisker at Disco Club
  • Winkler, Margo as Judge Parker

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