Nacho Libre

Ignacio is a monk who aspires to be a professional wrestler (luchador = fighter in Spanish). This is against the other priests. He wrestles under the name “Nacho” for the children to help pay for their needs in hiding

. The movie is what happens when he does this.

Nacho Libre

Title: Nacho Libre

Release Date: 2006

Genres: Comedy, Sport

    Directors: Hess, Jared


  • Black, Jack as Nacho
  • de la Reguera, Ana as Sister Encarnación
  • Jiménez, Héctor as Esqueleto
  • Rose, Darius as Chancho
  • Arias, Moises as Juan Pablo
  • Gómez, Eduardo as Chuy
  • Maycotte, Carlos as Segundo Nuñez
  • Montoya, Richard as Guillermo
  • Gonzalez, Cesar as Ramses
  • Montalvo, Rafael as Elderly Monk
  • Sandoval, Julio as Snaggle Tooth Monk
  • Lahoz, Ventura ”Tigre Hispano” as Arena Referee #1
  • Hernandez, Felipe Jesus ”Terror Chino” as Arena Referee #2
  • Muñoz, Enrique as Señor Ramon
  • Jimenez, Carla as Candidia

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