Nacho Libre

Ignacio is a monk who aspires to be a professional wrestler (luchador = fighter in Spanish). This is against the other priests. He wrestles under the name “Nacho” for the children to help pay for their needs in hiding. The movie is what happens when he does this.

Nacho Libre

Title: Nacho Libre

Release Date: 2006

Genres: Comedy, Sport

    Directors: Hess, Jared


  • Black, Jack as Nacho
  • de la Reguera, Ana as Sister Encarnación
  • Jiménez, Héctor as Esqueleto
  • Rose, Darius as Chancho
  • Arias, Moises as Juan Pablo
  • Gómez, Eduardo as Chuy
  • Maycotte, Carlos as Segundo Nuñez
  • Montoya, Richard as Guillermo
  • Gonzalez, Cesar as Ramses
  • Montalvo, Rafael as Elderly Monk
  • Sandoval, Julio as Snaggle Tooth Monk
  • Lahoz, Ventura ”Tigre Hispano” as Arena Referee #1
  • Hernandez, Felipe Jesus ”Terror Chino” as Arena Referee #2
  • Muñoz, Enrique as Señor Ramon
  • Jimenez, Carla as Candidia

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