My West (Gunslinger’s Revenge)

The idealistic lifestyle of a old West farmer Leonardo Pieracconi), his Indian wife Sandrine Holt), and half-breed son (Yudii Mercredi), who narrates the tale is disrupted when his father (Harvey Keitel), an old gunslinger shows up on the farm. Although looking to retire, the family is not happy with his return given his past lifestyle and mistreatment of his family. Things get worse when another gunfighter (David Bowie) shows up and terrorizes the town trying to force the father into a gun fight.

My West (Gunslinger's Revenge)

Title: My West (Gunslinger’s Revenge)

Release Date: 1998

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Western

    Directors: Veronesi, Giovanni


  • Pieraccioni, Leonardo as Doc Lowen
  • Keitel, Harvey as Johnny Lowen
  • Bowie, David as Jack Sikora
  • Holt, Sandrine as Pearl
  • Marcuzzi, Alessia as Mary
  • van der Woude, Jim as Joshua
  • Mercredi, Yudii as Jeremiah
  • Gomez, Michelle as Leather girl
  • Kwei-Armah, Kwame as Rastafarian
  • Jenn, Stephen as Albino
  • Knight, Rosalind as Mrs. Willow
  • Gardner, Jimmy as Sam Comet
  • Heywood, Jean as Mrs. Comet
  • Wilde, Lorenzo as Lieutenant
  • Baker, Sean as Telegraph man

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