Murder by Numbers

Murder By Numbers is a psychological suspense-thriller that tells the story of a tenacious homicide detective, Cassie Mayweather (‘Sandra Bullock’ (qv)) and her new partner Sam Kennedy (‘Ben Chaplin’ (qv)) who become pitted against two malevolently brilliant young men (‘Ryan Gosling (I)’ (qv) and ‘Michael Pitt (II)’ (qv)) in an ingenious battle of wits as they try to solve a murder case.

Murder by Numbers

Title: Murder by Numbers

Release Date: 2002

Genres: Crime, Thriller

    Directors: Schroeder, Barbet


  • Bullock, Sandra as Cassie Mayweather/Jessica Marie Hudson
  • Chaplin, Ben as Sam Kennedy
  • Gosling, Ryan as Richard Haywood
  • Pitt, Michael as Justin Pendleton
  • Bruckner, Agnes as Lisa Mills
  • Penn, Chris as Ray Feathers
  • Call, R.D. as Captain Rod Cody
  • Verica, Tom as Asst. D.A. Al Swanson
  • Brenn, Janni as Ms. Elder
  • Vickery, John as Restaurant Manager
  • Canavan, Michael as Mr. Chechi
  • Carpenter, Krista as Olivia Lake, the Victim
  • Matarazzo, Neal as Male Officer in Flashback
  • Barnes, Adilah as Lab Technician
  • Jansen, Jim as Lawyer

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