Deerhaven has been burdened by disappearances for more than two decades and local officials have come up empty as no trace of the missing have ever been found. An eccentric psychiatrist with questionable credentials comes to town implicating the local mortician, Henry Parks. Claiming to be Henry’s former doctor from a facility where Henry had been institutionalized, Dr. Gronig suggests that the mortician may not have been suitable for release and may be using his father’s parlor as a cover for deeper, darker things. During the same week four young college students plan for the local Friday night bash, but Monte has bigger plans for them. He wants to do something different and takes them from party to the local mortuary for a kinky midnight treat. The problem is that some of the doctor’s implications may have been true and for Monte, Sky, Tina and Tony, this will be a night they will never forget. That is if they survive.


Title: Mortuary

Release Date: 2005

Genres: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

    Directors: Hooper, Tobe


  • Byrd, Dan as Jonathan Doyle
  • Patton, Stephanie as Jamie Doyle
  • Paige, Tarah as Sara
  • Carson, Price as B. Fowler
  • Travis, Greg as Eliot Cook

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