More to Love

Maryanne is a plus sized woman who has been teased all her life and has never had the confidence to live her dreams. That is until she meets Fran at a dance for plus sized gals and their admirers. Fran helps Maryanne on her way to becoming a woman of confidence. Along the way she meets Barry, a charming Englishman who sweeps her off her feet, but he has a secret.

Title: More to Love

Release Date: 1999

Genres: Comedy, Romance

    Directors: Lynch, Paul


  • Caulfield, Maxwell as Barry Gordon
  • King, Steve as Ted
  • McAleese, Jim as George Pappas
  • de Jong, Claudine as Alex
  • Dezmari, Deanna as Store clerk
  • Doyle, Rosemary as Dixie
  • Ferraro, Kristen as Fran
  • Ireland, Galen as Crystal
  • Watson, Julie as Shawna
  • Werner, Louise as Maryanne Thorsen

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