More Dogs Than Bones

A series of mishaps and misfortunes over million in cash leads to murder, mayhem and greed.

More Dogs Than Bones

Title: More Dogs Than Bones

Release Date: 2000

Genres: Comedy, Drama

    Directors: Browning, Michael


  • Mantegna, Joe as De Salvo
  • Coyote, Peter as Detective Darren Cody
  • Ruehl, Mercedes as Victoria ”Vic” Galletti
  • Mazar, Debi as Mary
  • Hipp, Paul as Quinn
  • Woodside, D.B. as Truman
  • Shadix, Glenn as Geoff
  • Naidu, Ajay as Andy
  • Girafi, Chaim as Raj Lukla
  • Fletcher, Louise as Iva Doll
  • Goldberg, Whoopi as Cleo
  • Healy, Pat as Leon
  • Maize, Michael as Eugene
  • Steel, Andrew as Tom
  • Weisman, Kevin as Arlo

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