Monsters, Inc.

James P. Sullivan (AKA “Sulley”) and Mike Wazowski pick up their paychecks at Monsters Inc., the utility company that generates energy from the goose bumps of children. Sulley, the No. 1 scream-generator at the plant accidentally lets in a little girl into the monster world. Since monsters are actually terrified of children it’s a major cause for alarm and a major headache for Sulley and Mike.

Monsters, Inc.

Title: Monsters, Inc.

Release Date: 2001

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy


  • Docter, Peter
  • Silverman, David
  • Unkrich, Lee


  • Goodman, John as James P. “Sulley” Sullivan
  • Crystal, Billy as Mike Wazowski
  • Gibbs, Mary as Boo/Mary
  • Buscemi, Steve as Randall Boggs
  • Coburn, James as Henry J. Waternoose III
  • Tilly, Jennifer as Celia
  • Peterson, Bob as Roz
  • Ratzenberger, John as Yeti
  • Oz, Frank as Fungus
  • Gerson, Dan as Needleman/Smitty
  • Susskind, Steve as Floor Manager
  • Hunt, Bonnie as Flint
  • Pidgeon, Jeff as Bile
  • Black, Samuel Lord as George Sanderson
  • Angel, Jack as Additional Voice

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