Mission, The

Father Gabriel ascends the mountains of Brazil to bring christianity to the natives. He is successful and brings about a golden age among them. Mendoza, a slaver, kills his brother in a fit of rage, and only Fr. Gabriel’s guidance prevents his suicide. Gabriel brings Mendoza to work at his mission with the natives, and Mendoza finds peace and asks to become a priest. The church , under pressure, cedes the land to the Portuguese which will allow slavers in again. Mendoza breaks his vows and organizes the natives to resist while Gabriel warns him to help them as a priest.

Mission, The

Title: Mission, The

Release Date: 1986

Genres: Drama, War

    Directors: Joffé, Roland


  • De Niro, Robert as Rodrigo Mendoza
  • Irons, Jeremy as Father Gabriel
  • McAnally, Ray as Altamirano
  • Quinn, Aidan as Felipe Mendoza
  • Lunghi, Cherie as Carlotta
  • Pickup, Ronald as Hontar
  • Low, Chuck as Cabeza
  • Neeson, Liam as Fielding
  • Moya, Bercelio as Indian Boy
  • Ismare, Sigifredo as Witch Doctor
  • Ontiveros, Asuncion as Indian Chief
  • Moya, Alejandrino as Chief”s Lieutenant
  • Berrigan, Daniel as Sebastian
  • Gray, Rolf as Young Jesuit
  • Guerrero, Álvaro as Jesuit

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