Mission: Impossible

Movie based on the television series finds Jim Phelps and his team charged with stopping a traitor from stealing and selling classified material. Everything was going well until the man they are following and all of the team are inexplicably killed except for Ethan Hunt. Ethan then calls the Director and goes to meet him when he discovers that the whole mission was to ferret a mole that they have been suspicious of for some time. The Director shows evidence that hints that Ethan’s the one they have been looking for but Ethan knows that he is not, so he escapes. Ethan then arranges to meet the buyer and whom he warns against using the material he has and when they meet he offers to get what he paid for in exchange for telling whom the mole is. Ethan, along with Phelps’ wife Claire recruits two disavowed agents to help him which won’t be easy.

Mission: Impossible

Title: Mission: Impossible

Release Date: 1996

Genres: Action, Adventure, Mystery, Thriller

    Directors: De Palma, Brian


  • Scott Thomas, Kristin as Sarah Davies
  • Cruise, Tom as Ethan Hunt
  • Voight, Jon as Jim Phelps
  • BĂ©art, Emmanuelle as Claire Phelps
  • Czerny, Henry as Eugene Kittridge
  • Reno, Jean as Franz Krieger
  • Rhames, Ving as Luther Stickell
  • Redgrave, Vanessa as Max
  • Dye, Dale as Frank Barnes
  • Iures, Marcel as Alexander Golitsyn
  • Caramitru, Ion as Zozimov
  • Dapkunaite, Ingeborga as Hannah Williams
  • Yakunina, Valentina as Drunken Female IMF Agent
  • Vasut, Marek as Drunken Male IMF Agent
  • Osgood, Nathan as Kittridge Technician

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