Messenger of Death

Wifes and children of the Mormon Orville Beecham become victims of a massacre in his own house. The police believes the crime had a religious motive. Orville doesn’t give any comment on the case, is taken into protective custody. Journalist Smith persuades him to help him in the investigation – and finds out about economic motives for the murder.

Messenger of Death

Title: Messenger of Death

Release Date: 1988

Genres: Thriller

    Directors: Lee Thompson, J.


  • Bronson, Charles as Garret Smith
  • Van Devere, Trish as Jastra Watson
  • Luckinbill, Laurence as Homer Foxx
  • Benzali, Daniel as Chief Barney Doyle
  • Hassett, Marilyn as Josephine Fabrizio
  • Dierkop, Charles as Orville Beecham
  • Corey, Jeff as Willis Beecham
  • Ireland, John as Zenas Beecham
  • Peyser, Penny as Trudy Pike
  • Davis, Gene as Junior Assassin
  • Solari, John as Senior Assassin
  • Cedar, Jon as Saul
  • Everett, Tom as Wiley
  • Gamble, Duncan as Lieutenant Scully
  • Williams, Bert as Sheriff Yates

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