Merchants of Venus

Alex Jakoff (Michael York) is a Russian immigrant looking for work in the USA when he finds a job as a stock boy in a sex-toy factory. The factory’s elderly owner Mrs. Eppy (Nancy Fish) sees Alex as a nice, but lonely guy. So, she tries setting him up with her friend Catherine (Prunella Gee) an aging adult film star. Alex is smitten with Catherine on sight, but she is reluctant to commit to any relationship out of her profession. Meanwhile, when Eppy’s business is threatened with being closed down, Alex decides to buy the place with money from his family whom are in the Russian mafia. But when the business fails anyway and his family of thugs want all their money back, Alex is forced to make some drastic decisions to stay alive.

Merchants of Venus

Title: Merchants of Venus

Release Date: 1998

Genres: Comedy

    Directors: Richmond, Len


  • York, Michael as Alex Jakoff
  • Gee, Prunella as Catherine Lucky McKay
  • Fish, Nancy as Eppy
  • D”Angelo, Beverly as Mistress Cody
  • Cox, Brian as Uncle Vladimir
  • Donahue, Troy as FBI Agent
  • Pollard, Michael J. as The Senator
  • Hiller, Arthur as Reverend Phillips
  • Nichols, Stephen as The Stud
  • Bell, Andy as Porno Director
  • Jacobs, Claire as Katrina
  • Feinstein, Alan as Andre
  • Parker, Kay as Kay Parker
  • Margot, Sandra as Porno Actress #1
  • Tia as Porno Actress #2

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