Men of Honor

The story ultimately revolves around two “men of honor”; their relationship, their individual and joint failures and triumphs. Carl Brashear is determined to be the first African American Navy Diver in a time where racism is strife. Leslie Sunday is his embittered trainer, determined to see him fail

. Fate, challenges and circumstances eventually draw these two men together in a tale of turbulance and ultimately triumph.

Men of Honor

Title: Men of Honor

Release Date: 2000

Genres: Biography, Drama

    Directors: Tillman Jr., George


  • De Niro, Robert as Master Chief/Senior Chief/Chief Leslie W. ”Billy” Sunday
  • Gooding Jr., Cuba as BM2/Chief/Senior Chief Carl Brashear
  • Theron, Charlize as Gwen Sunday
  • Ellis, Aunjanue as Jo
  • Holbrook, Hal as Captain ”Mr. Pappy”
  • Rapaport, Michael as GM1 Snowhill
  • Boothe, Powers as Captain Pullman
  • Keith, David as Captain Hartigan
  • McCallany, Holt as MM1 Dylan Rourke
  • Leonard, Joshua as PO2 Timothy Douglas Isert
  • Troutman, Dennis as Boots
  • Feinman, Joshua as DuBoyce
  • Pagones, Theo Nicholas as FC Mellegrano
  • Honey, Ryan as Surveyor 2nd Yarmouth
  • Conrad, David as Lt./Cmdr./Capt. Hanks

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