Retired FBI agent Will Graham (William L. Petersen) returns to action to hunt down a serial killer by using his ability to get inside the psychopath’s mind. However, it was this ability that drove him into retirement in the first place. The process of tracking and capturing the infamous Hannibal Lecter (Brian Cox) took a tremendous psychic toll on Graham, causing him to spent time in a mental hospital. With another madman on the loose, Graham has no choice but to return to duty, though he knows that it might cost him his family and his sanity. \r\n\r\nTo get the old mind-set back, Graham visits Hannibal Lecter in his high-security jail cell. However, the manipulative Lecter plays both sides and warns the new killer that Graham is on his trail, telling him to destroy Graham’s family to protect himself. In order to save his own family, Graham must risk everything to once again enter into the mind of the criminally insane. \r\n\r\nWith MANHUNTER, Mann raises the bar for serial killer films, imbuing his killer with an almost sympathetic quality while keeping him extremely menacing and clearly dangerous. Based on the Thomas Harris novel RED DRAGON, which serves as the prequel to THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, MANHUNTER is a masterpiece of gripping storytelling and psychological horror.


Title: Manhunter

Release Date: 1986

Genres: Drama, Horror, Thriller

    Directors: Mann, Michael


  • Petersen, William L. as Will Graham
  • Greist, Kim as Molly Graham
  • Allen, Joan as Reba McClane
  • Cox, Brian as Dr. Hannibal Lecktor
  • Farina, Dennis as Jack Crawford
  • Noonan, Tom as Francis Dollarhyde
  • Lang, Stephen as Freddy Lounds
  • Seaman, David as Kevin Graham
  • Hendrickson, Benjamin as Dr. Frederick Chilton
  • Talbott, Michael as Geehan
  • Butler, Dan as Jimmy Price
  • Shay, Michele as Beverly Katz
  • Moseley, Robin as Sarah
  • Perri, Paul as Dr. Sidney Bloom
  • Charbonneau, Patricia as Mrs. Sherman

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