Man to Man

1870. Dr. Jamie Dodd is elated : he has finally succeeded in capturing not one, but two pygmies. He brings them to Scotland with the help of Elena Van den Ende, an adventurous woman who sells wild animals to the zoos of Europe. His two anthropologist friends, Alexander and Fraser, and himself are certain they have discovered the missing link, which will make them famous. They start examining the pygmy couple from every angle and Jamie gradually discovers that Toko and Likola are just as sensitive and intelligent as any other homo sapiens. His two colleagues strongly reject this idea as it is glory they are after not the truth. Will Jamie be able to prove the two short people are genuine human beings and not freaks to be shown in a zoo?

Man to Man

Title: Man to Man

Release Date: 2005

Genres: Drama

    Directors: Wargnier, Régis


  • Fiennes, Joseph as Jamie Dodd
  • Scott Thomas, Kristin as Elena Van Den Ende
  • Glen, Iain as Alexander Auchinleck
  • Bonneville, Hugh as Fraser McBride
  • Boseki, Lomama as Toko
  • Bayiha, Cécile as Likola
  • Montgomery, Flora as Abigail McBride
  • Mofokeng, Patrick as Zachary
  • Petrie, Alistair as Beckinsale
  • Saint-Macary, Hubert as Comte de Verchemont
  • Zajac, Mathew as Hector Duncan
  • McBain, William as Angus
  • Smith, Robin as Douglas
  • Landey, Theo as Purvis
  • Donachie, Ron as Sir Walter Stephenson

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