London Voodoo

When a young man relocates his family from New York to London his wife discovers a new sexuality and power that threatens to tear the family apart. As his wife’s behaviour becomes more violent and erratic, our hero accepts that to save the woman he married he must open his mind and trust the people whose beliefs he has refused to acknowledge.

London Voodoo

Title: London Voodoo

Release Date: 2004

Genres: Horror, Thriller

    Directors: Pratten, Robert


  • Doug Cockle as Lincoln Mathers
  • Stewart, Sara as Sarah
  • Nyqvist, Michael as Magnus
  • Taube, Sven-Bertil as Lars
  • Mortimer, Trisha as Fiona
  • Barnes, Vonda as Kelly
  • O”Halloran, Steve as Roger
  • Borrett, Roy as Lee
  • Abela, Carmen as Sue
  • Stone, Kevin as Realtor
  • Appleby, Marc as Simon
  • Rockson, Amy as Disciple
  • Worme, Denise as Voodoo follower

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