Land of the Dead

The world is full of zombies and the survivors have barricaded themselves inside a walled city to keep out the living dead. As the wealthy hide out in skyscrapers and chaos rules the streets, the rest of the survivors must find a way to stop the evolving zombies from breaking into the city.

Land of the Dead

Title: Land of the Dead

Release Date: 2005

Genres: Action, Horror, Thriller

    Directors: Romero, George A.


  • Baker, Simon as Riley
  • Leguizamo, John as Cholo
  • Hopper, Dennis as Kaufman
  • Argento, Asia as Slack
  • Joy, Robert as Charlie
  • Clark, Eugene as Big Daddy
  • Boland, Joanne as Pretty Boy
  • Nappo, Tony as Foxy
  • Baxter, Jennifer as Number 9
  • Banks, Boyd as Butcher
  • Geljo, Jasmin as Tambourine Man
  • McCabe, Max as Mouse
  • Munch, Tony as Anchor
  • Roberts, Shawn as Mike
  • Arce, Pedro Miguel as Pillsbury

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