Lady in the Water

The super Cleveland Heep finds a woman swimming in the swimming pool of the condominium during the night; he slips, hits his head on the floor and faints in the water, and she rescues him. He discloses that she is a “Narf” called Story, a character of bedtime stories, that is chased by a “Scrunt” and she needs to return to her Blue World with an eagle. Cleveland convinces the tenants to help and protect Story.

Lady in the Water

Title: Lady in the Water

Release Date: 2006

Genres: Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller

    Directors: Shyamalan, M. Night


  • Giamatti, Paul as Cleveland Heep
  • Howard, Bryce Dallas as Story
  • Wright, Jeffrey as Mr. Dury
  • Balaban, Bob as Harry Farber
  • Choudhury, Sarita as Anna Ran
  • Cheung, Cindy as Young-Soon Choi
  • Shyamalan, M. Night as Vick Ran
  • Rodríguez, Freddy as Reggie
  • Irwin, Bill as Mr. Leeds
  • Hurt, Mary Beth as Mrs. Bell
  • Gray-Cabey, Noah as Joey Dury
  • Reitman, Joseph D. as Long Haired Smoker
  • Harris, Jared as Goatee Smoker
  • Monohon, Grant as Emaciated Smoker
  • Boyd, John as One-Eyebrow Smoker

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