Knock Off

It is June of 1997. In 72 hours, Hong Kong will return to Chinese rule after 150 years as a British-ruled colony. Marcus Ray and Tommy Hendricks are sales reps for V SIX Jeans, and they are enjoying life in Hong Kong in this time before the island nation’s transition back to Chinese rule. While Tommy busily prepares for the latest fashion show, Marcus is off looking at knock off goods — imitation watches, jewelry, and baby dolls, in which his longtime friend Eddie Wang and his Hong Kong associate, Skinny Wang, are involved. When Marcus and Tommy’s supervisor Karen Leigh arrives and informs them that much of their last shipment of jeans was filled with knock off imitations, the two can’t believe her, but they agree to help in raiding a warehouse to prove their innocence. After a violent encounter that involves local police Ling Ho and Lieutenant Han, Marcus eventually learns that Tommy is an undercover CIA agent, and so is Karen. Meeting with their boss, agent Harry Johansson, Marcus learns of a conspiracy involving the Russian mafia and their attempts to smuggle tiny, but highly explosive “microbombs” to the worldwide terrorist black market. And these are bombs that explode into green flame when detonated. Marcus, Tommy, and Karen set out to stop the conspiracy and figure out who’s behind it.

Knock Off

Title: Knock Off

Release Date: 1998

Genres: Action, Thriller

    Directors: Tsui, Hark


  • Van Damme, Jean-Claude as Marcus Ray
  • Schneider, Rob as Tommy Hendricks
  • Rochon, Lela as Karen Lee
  • Sorvino, Paul as Harry Johanson
  • Lee, Carman as Detective Ling Ho
  • Chin, Glen as Skinny
  • Wong, Wyman as Han
  • Chan, Moses as Officer Fong
  • Langdon, Lynne as V-Six Secretary
  • Nicholas, Ray as Karl
  • Wolfe, Jeff as Skaar
  • Miller, Michael as Tickler
  • Brettingham, Steve as Hawkeye
  • Houghton, Mark as Bear

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