Killing Fields, The

Sydney Schanberg is a New York Times journalist convering the civil war in Cambodia. Together with local representative Dith Pran, they cover some of the tragedy and madness of the war. When the Americans forces leave, Dith Pran sends his family with them, but stays behind himself to help Schanberg cover the event. As an American, Schanberg won’t have any trouble leaving the country, but the situation is different for Pran; he’s a local, and the Khmer Rouge are moving in.

Killing Fields, The

Title: Killing Fields, The

Release Date: 1984

Genres: Drama, History, War

    Directors: Joffé, Roland


  • Waterston, Sam as Sydney Schanberg
  • Ngor, Haing S. as Dith Pran
  • Malkovich, John as Alan ”Al” Rockoff, Photographer
  • Sands, Julian as Jon Swain
  • Nelson, Craig T. as Major Reeves, Military Attache
  • Gray, Spalding as United States consul
  • Paterson, Bill as Dr. MacEntire
  • Fugard, Athol as Dr. Sundesval
  • Kennedy, Graham as Dougal
  • Chey, Katherine Krapum as Ser Moeum: Dith Pran”s wife
  • Pierpaoli, Oliver as Titony: Dith Pran”s son
  • Chey, Edward Entero as Sarun, Sydney”s Driver
  • Bird, Tom as US Military Advisor
  • Sisowath, Monirak as Phat: Khmer Rouge leader: 2nd village
  • Dtangpaibool, Lambool as Phat”s son

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