From the biggest festival to the smallest church social, Kenny Smyth delivers porta-loos to them all. Ignored and unappreciated, he is one of the cogs in society’s machinery; a knight in shining overalls taking care of business with his faithful ‘Splashdown’ crew. Follow Kenny as he tackles every septic challenge that comes his way, culminating in a pilgrimage to that Mecca of waste management, the International Pumper and Cleaner Expo in Nashville Tennessee – or as Kenny affectionately calls it, “Poo HQ”. With fly-on-the-wall honesty and wit, ‘KENNY’ lifts the lid on one of Australia’s roughest diamonds as he juggles family tensions, fatherhood and sewage with charm, humour and unflinching dignity. “It takes a certain kind of person to do what I do… No-one’s ever impressed; no-one’s ever fascinated… If you’re a fireman, all the kids will want to jump on the back of the truck and follow you to a fire. There’s going to be no kids willing to do that with me. So, I don’t do it to impress people – it’s a job, it’s my trade, and I actually think I’m pretty good at it.” – Kenny Smyth Part philosopher, part comedian and all heart, KENNY is living proof that in sewage, like life, the best will always rise to the top.


Title: Kenny

Release Date: 2006

Genres: Comedy

    Directors: Jacobson, Clayton


  • Jacobson, Shane as Kenny Smyth
  • Golland, Travis as Pumper 1
  • Davis, Chris as Pat
  • Scerri, Alf as Alf
  • Preusker, Hayley as Hayley
  • Fuller, Saxon as Pumper 2
  • Uerata, Thomas as Pumper 3
  • Ogston, Kevin ”The Captain” Roy as Pumper 4
  • Preusker, Glenn as Glenn
  • Roy, Kevin as Pumper 5
  • Carter, Craig as Radio DJ
  • Smith, Pete as Radio DJ
  • Atkinson, Adrian as Air Show Manager
  • Robertson, Mark as Robbo
  • Ogston, Kevin ”Matey” Lee as Pumper 6

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