Just My Luck

Manhattan socialite, Ashley is the luckiest person in New York. Untill, one night she goes to a masquerade ball and meets, Jake. Jake on the other hand has the worst luck. After kissing Jake, Ashley is horrified to find out that she and Jake swapped luck.

Just My Luck

Title: Just My Luck

Release Date: 2006

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

    Directors: Petrie, Donald


  • Lohan, Lindsay as Ashley Albright
  • Pine, Chris as Jake Hardin
  • Armstrong, Samaire as Maggie
  • Turner, Bree as Dana
  • Love, Faizon as Damon Phillips
  • Pyle, Missi as Peggy Braden
  • Ponce, Carlos as Antonio
  • Fletcher, Tom as Himself – McFly Band Member
  • Jones, Danny as Himself – McFly Band Member
  • Judd, Harry as Himself – McFly Band Member
  • Vega, Makenzie as Katy
  • Poynter, Dougie as Himself – McFly Band Member
  • Fleming, Jaqueline as Tiffany
  • Rhodes, Dane as Mac
  • Hawkins, Ira as Doorman Oscar

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